Hennessy & Virtuoso Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Collaborate

Hennessy is celebrating the new edition of its Very Special Limited Edition series with a new design crafted by multi-talented tattoo artist Scott Campbell. This edition is the latest in an ongoing series of artistic collaborations between Hennessy Very Special and internationally renowned urban artists who have previously produced exceptional artwork and impactful designs for collectable items for the Hennessy V.S bottle and include KAWS, Futura, Os Gemêos, Shepard Fairey and Ryan McGinness.

Hennessy_VS_Limited_Edition_Scott_Campbell_Dimitri_Coste_4461 Hennessy_VS_Limited_Edition_Scott_Campbell_Dimitri_Coste_4462

Identifying and supporting avant-garde artists is a Hennessy tradition dating back to its founding. Scott Campbell’s remarkable life story pays homage to Hennessy’s “Never stop. Never settle” motto, based on the theme of pushing personal limits. In recent years he has gained much acclaim from fine art communities worldwide for his work in mediums other than skin, including sculptures, watercolour paintings, and graphite drawings.

“Knowing an artist’s story brings a deeper appreciation for their work. Because no work of art stands independently, it is special because it exists as an artifact of someone’s life.” – Scott Campbell 

Hennessy_VS_Limited_Edition_Scott_Campbell__Pierre_Belhassen_4473 Hennessy_VS_Limited_Edition_Scott_Campbell_Dimitri_Coste_4474



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