Kanye West’s ‘TLOP’ Album Reimagined [BeatLab/StreetFashion/SneakPeak]

Remember the amount of album titles Kanye West went through for his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo? Yeezy initially had other album titles in mind such as; So Help Me God, SWISH and WAVES. And although none of those were used, a design collective by the name of alt-native have just re-imagined TLOP via a new conceptual release for the title So Help Me God.

Peep images below:

alt-native-kanye-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-4 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-01 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-02 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-03 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-05 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-06 alt-native-kanye-west-so-help-me-god-conceptual-release-07



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