DJ Sliqe Drops New ‘Mercy’ Vid Ft. Riky Rick, Kwesta, Reason, Thaiwanda [Watch/Read]

DJ Sliqe has finally just dropped his highly anticipated music video for his latest ‘Mercy‘ joint which features Riky, Kwesta, Thaiwanda and Reason on the Tweezy produced tune. And as an extension of the new drop, HYPE decided to have a sit-down with the SAMA award winning artist to talk about the new visuals, how he actually got into it all and the build-up to his upcoming album.


We know when you started off as any other DJ usually starts off. The parties, gigs and virtual DJ. However when did that actual moment come to you? The moment you realized that you wanted to go down this route and build a career along the way. 

I think it happened when we started our own event, VSS,  in Liquidchefs. We did that for like 2/3 years, then we started being lucrative and people started to recognize because I started booking the likes of Speedsta, Capital and Cosmo to just come visit like at the end of the month you know? Then I realized that I hit the ceiling once again, so from that point that’s when I wanted to get my name out there. I actually don’t remember how I go introduced to Psyfo but that’s when it started.

When you came into it seriously and started building your brand, there obviously were other DJs who were more established than you were at the time. So how did you see yourself fitting in it all when it kinda seemed like there was an influx of hip hop DJs

Well at that point it wasn’t really an influx, but I would say that now we have an influx of hip hop DJs. I think 2 or 3 years ago there was still an opening for new guys to come on, because Cap(ital) and them were there before but were also young you know? So in terms of like fitting in, I never actually wanted to fit in and now I think I still don’t fit in, its just that I’ve got milestones. At the end of the day you just have to work for yourself, because if you want to compare yourself or go with someone else’s speed you will crash. I’m just constantly in studio right now working on the album.

Is there anyone else in your family who also got the music genes like you Sliqe?

Well no..

Oh. So its just you?

Yeah its just me man and they like so proud.

[Laughs] You started the trend huh?

[Laughs] “Yes that’s our son, that’s my nephew and that’s my grandson”. You just get family out of nowhere these days.

You properly started off with joints like ‘Do Like I Do’and ‘iLife’. You don’t necessarily have like a lot of tracks out but the tracks that dropped have made a huge impact. Were the people that you worked with part of some sort of strategy?

I just feel like you need to work with people who understand your potential, realize your work ethic or respect you as a person in general. I’m not saying anything about anybody but I started with Kwesta and Flabba (RIP), so me and Kwesta kind of built that relationship because we were both looking for the same thing at the time. We work together very well and we make things happen, so that’s why it was effortless for me to call him in for the ‘Mercy’ joint.


Damn. You make this seem so easy. Has it been an easy journey though?

[Laughs] No its not really an easy journey but I love it and as long as you love it, it won’t really be that hard you know? Obviously there are the ups and downs, people not recognizing you and stuff.

Word. But you must have stepped on some toes when you came into the scene and people started taking notice of you as a brand. You taking over Sliqe

I just feel like at the end of the day bro, we all have different tastes in music as DJs. There are people who play trap and there are people who play local, so I just feel like the choices I have made so far have been the right ones in terms of the scene and what’s going on. The people are very receptive to the music we put on and I like to brand my music as like “Street” music more than anything. Make the music for the people that’s it.

Lets look at the major accolade that you recently accumulated. The SAMA, first SA hip hop DJ to win one. We sure a couple of guys were jealous. Real talk. How was that moment for you when you scooped that? We don’t think people actually expected you to win.

The thing is I remember reading a tweet prior to the show (SAMAS) that said, “lets be honest, in this category with these songs, this song deserves it”. That song was very impactful, I think the original more than the remix, but the remix just kind of solidified the stamp of the song you know? I feel like the SAMAS are fair man and I think we got what we deserved.

How did it feel holding that award in your hand though?

[Laughs]Bro I haven’t held that thing in my hands yet.

Okay. So how did it feel dreaming about holding it in your hands?

Its actually a feeling I really can’t describe, I’ve tried in so many ways but its just something you just have to experience yourself. For me its like a big pat on the shoulder.

We think you winning that award is actually beyond you as an individual. You represented the DJs.

Well the year before there was a DJ who submitted his album but they didn’t accept it solely because he was a DJ. So I feel like now, especially with the win. Its OK for us now and we can be viewed as artists now. I feel we grow slower but we’ll get there eventually you know?

Lets touch base on your evolution with that new ‘Mercy’ track. It’s a new sound, you can tell that you leveled up here, so what was the whole thought process like behind it?

Funny enough, ‘Mercy’ was actually made straight after ‘iLife’. The song was done last year…

Wait. And we only received it now?

[Laughs] Yeah, but just after ‘iLife’ me and Tweezy started to make something harder then what we had just did since we were in that vibe and that’s how the beat came about. I heard a couple of Thai’s remixes that he done and I was trying to get that ragga feeling but in a more conscious way driving a message of “we coming”. Then we came up with ‘Mercy’, kept it and continued making more music for the album.

The video is out now and you guys posted teasers of it online prior to its release. What’s actually happening in the video?

Its cinematic, its dramatic and its epic. That’s all I can say. I didn’t go for the usual video where we all hugging each other and drinking bottles with girls. Everyone has their own different scene, it focuses on the rappers and their feeling of what they’re trying to deliver. So its solely performance-based but something you’ve never seen before.

Word. The album is dropping in September. What can you tell us about it?

I’ve featured a lot of people in that album, I went for a different sound as well because I felt like I’ve done enough commercial songs. There’s a new sound we kind of invented, well we called it “Zongkongko”. So I have Ma-E on there, Shekinah, Shane Eagle, Nomuzi, JR, Yanga

Damn. Basically everyone huh…

[Laughs] The collabs are sick though I won’t lie.

How far are you willing to take this whole journey?

You see its easy for everyone to say they’re independent. Me saying it wont change anything , but eventually in this own stable that I have for myself at the moment, I want to bring on new artists because I feel like there’s so much talent out there.  I want t eventually have my own stable where I have a whole bunch of new fresh acts from DJs, singers to artists. That’s pretty much it

Watch the video below:


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