Die Antwoord Drop New ‘BUM BUM’ Ft. GOD [Listen]

SA export Die Antwoord have just dropped the second single from their upcoming Suck on This mixtape called ‘BUM BUM’. Featuring God, this song is one banger of a tune from the moment you lend your ear for a listen. Die Antwoord’s Ninja calls the song “his first romantic spanish porno rap adventure.” and is constructed on one sick beat that is positively hypnotic in nature.

Die Antwoord

“So Die Antwoord. just finished our South American Lollapollooza tour with EMINEM which was fucking mental, and right after we got back from tour, a girlfriend of mine sent me a voice note in a VERY spanish accent, that ended something like: ‘I LIKE TATTOOS BUT I WONT GET A TATTOO ANYWHERE, EVEN IN MY BUM.’ She obvz meant ‘ON MY BUM’ but she don’t speak English too good, so this little mistake suddenly popped a lil idea into my head!Ninja

Listen to the song below:


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