GalXBoy Drop A Collection Of Bomber Jacket Teasers

Its no secret that GXB (who collaborated with HYPE on that new i’Stayela issue) has solidified its position at the forefront of SA street fashion. And as winter approaches, the streets can undoubtedly expect a few heavy threaded drops from local brands. GalXBoy recently dropped a teaser of a selection of bomber jacket colorways, in which they encouraged the people to vote for their favorite shades, which would be selected to go for production.

Peep the teasers below:

CfxaIdpWIAEq0WE CfxcQ7YWsAAJm0W Cfxd__fW4AAy5pN Cfxfa5UWEAA8uHN Cfxgrm-W8AArXlk Cfxh6EzWcAECluV Cfxi-vOWQAA9YvA CfxjmgaWwAAAinp CfxjwMuWQAASrjj CfxjYzTWIAALsZH


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