Meek Mill And His Goons Beat Up Quentin Miller


Quentin Miller (the man who Meek Mill said was a ghostwriter for Drake) confirmed that Meek Mill confronted him at a Los Angeles Nike store. This confirmation comes after Vlad showed Miller an unreleased clip from his Taxstone interview where he revealed knowledge about the Meek Mill confrontation. Quentin admitted that it was true and further more described what really went down that day.

Now according to Miller, Meek didn’t care about Miller’s ghostwriting denials and Meek’s goons confronted him beacuse they requested that he retract his claim in front of paparazzi. And after telling them no, Meek Mill’s crew proceeded to beat him up as they claimed he made Meek Mill out to be a liar. In the Taxstone interview, it was also claimed that Miller was beat up because he wouldn’t write for Meek Mill.

“I shed blood in the Nike store” Quentin Miller

Watch the video below:

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