VuzuAMP Add Three Hip Hop Acts As Newest Onscreen Presenters

Earlier this year DJ Speedsta was announced to be the newest member of youth channel VuzuAMP (channel 114) as a continuity presenter, making him the first hip hop addition since well, Scoop really. Now it seems TV is about to get even way more hip hop.

Today the channel announced they have added Dreamteam member Dash, Vuzu’s former The Hustle contestant and JR’s Feel Good Music protege Shane Eagle and most surprisingly Nomuzi Mabena, who was in the trending topics earlier today because of her statement on leaving Cashtime. Moozlie was the go-to presenter for MTVBase for the past three years, after winning a countrywide talent search and now has jumped ship to join the new Vuzu squad.

With these additions, it only leaves Lalla Hiriyama as the only onscreen member not touching a mic or DJ set (Denise Zimba and Shelton Forbes will move on from the channel) in their time away from the camera. We can’t take away from the buzz that each one of these guys have built for themselves, but if anything, this is also a testament to the influence of hip hop culture as the most influential force in the country.

Congratulations to the new squad.

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