Toya Delazy Puts Together An All-Female Rap Group


Toya Delazy  has just built an all-female rap group known as the Klutch Kollective. Having seen the need for an all-female rap crew, she joined forces with three other female artists. The group is made up of Toya herself, DK, Fiah and Genius ,who are no strangers to the SA hip hop scene. Both DK & Genius were participants on the Hustle.The group has also just released their debut single, ‘Back To The Roots’.

Toya Delazy acts as the executive producer of ‘Back To The Roots’, which is said to be a song about taking hip hop back to its roots.

“It’s a humbling experience to finally see Klutch Kollective come into fruition. I believe SA desperately needs a conscious hip hop movement and I’m certain the collective voices of women will be able to achieve this” Toya Delazy

 listen to ‘Back To The Roots’ below:

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