Kanye West And Deadmau5 Go At It On Twitter

When Yeezy  posted a screenshot on Twitter of himself listening to Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Dead With Dignity’ on YouTube, World famous Canadian house music producer Deadmau5 ranted about Kanye’s suspected illegal software download antics. As it was noticed that Kanye had a tab open for The Pirate Bay (a site pretty much dedicated to illegal downloading), the site which he reportedly wants to sue for its role in supplying illegal downloads of his TLOP album.

That discovery did not sit well with Deadamu5, who lashed out on Kanye via Twitter.


And of course Kanye fired shots back at deadmau5, insulting and dismissing the producer relentlessly. And to make the situation more awkward, both Kanye West and Deadmau5 are partners in the TIDAL streaming service.

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