OkMalumkoolkat Charged For Sexual Harassment//Official Statement Released


OK so here’s what we know. OkMalumkoolkat has been charged for sexually harassing a fellow artist who was asleep in her Hobart hotel room. Malumkoolkat is said to be jailed for a month in Australia and although his defense pushed for a fine so he could leave the country asap, he was convicted for indecent assault & assault with indecent intent. Charges which are sure to put a mark on his international rep ruined.

OkMalumkoolkat pleaded guilty to charges,as the court heard that after the show he went out drinking with friends and returned to his hotel at about 5.30am but was drunk and unable to find his way. Crown prosecutor Rebecca Lancaster said that he entered the victims hotel room through an external sliding door that she had inadvertently left open and the victim woke to find Malumkoolkat, a complete stranger, in her bed kissing her neck and rubbing his hands over her private parts. He then told her “don’t make any noise”, Ms Lancaster said. However OkMalumkoolkat stopped after the victim, who couldn’t be identified, told him to leave and had to show him the way out.


Lawyer Steven Chopping stated that Malumkoolkat was “remorseful, ashamed and embarrassed” by the crime and had been jet-lagged, intoxicated and confused at the time and when he got to the hotel he had become separated from his companions and couldn’t get into the building. He entered the victim’s room in a bid to access the rest of the accommodation not sexually abuse her.

OkMalumkoolkat was charged and has been in custody since and is set to have been sentenced to six months jail with five months suspended.

Check out the official statement from OkMalumkoolkat’s team regarded the matter below:



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