Watch The Hilarious ‘Guide To Groove’ Series By Life Of the Party

Look man, ya’ll can front on the gram like you’re winning in this life thing 100% of the time but things like “chest paining”, having to stand in line at the club or trying to get a phone number from a young pretty thang, are all things a young dude trying to live his best life out here will probably go through.

Uncensored, cringe-worthy and stupidly hilarious, Guide to Groove is the perfect forum to air out all of frills that come with those things. Comprised of entertainer Larryngitis and his crew of equally zany Life of the Party homies (DJs, hosts, promoters, etc), it is possibly the most hilarious thing on the net right now.

Shot by Anarchadium, you can watch the 2nd installment below:

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