Drakes Back To Back Diss Track Earns Grammy Nomination


Drakes ‘Back To Back’ diss track has received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap performance. The track, if you remember, was a respond from Drizzy to Meek Mill after their beef was clearly in the spotlight for some time. Now that same diss track has just been nominated for a Grammy, in what is the rarest Grammy nomination ever, as diss tracks aren’t usually recognized as formal bodies of work, however it could be said that the impact of the track was just so strong it had to be included in the list.

Diss tracks don’t usually get this kind of attention and if you open your hip hop history books you’l find that notable famous diss tracks of the past like Tupac’s ‘Hit Em Up’, Nas’ ‘Ether’ or Jay Z’s ‘Takeover’ never received this kind of spotlight, meaning  Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ is the first ever Grammy Nominated diss track. Grammy History made once again.


Other Drake Grammy nominations include:

Best Rap Album If Youre Reading This Its Too Late


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