Listen To AKA’s Official ‘Baddest’ Remix ft. Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Moozlie & Gigi

The interweb has been buzzing since AKA posted that ominous picture of with posing at Raw X studios with Gigi LaMayne, Rouge, Moozlie and Fifi Cooper. And now we finally get to here the product of that very interesting studio session.

The announcement of that female company of the Supermega’s latest smash hit came as a surprise to many, considering that his repertoire of collaborators recently is straight up big sh*t. But with the significant rise of female presence in the past year, it’s pretty dope that the 3rdWorldBoss is giving an often overlooked category of the game a nod this big.

Of course the controversy surrounding the exclusion of Patty Monroe and more especially Nadia Nakai is still something linger in everyone’s mind. But in famous @Akaworldwide fashion, Mr. Mega has this to say: “One day you can make your own remix to your own smash hit record and put together your own line up. Until then … Shuthefuckuuuup!” Seems about right

Download ‘Baddest’ (remix) by clicking here and watch the behind the scenes footage below

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