Tyler, the Creator’s New ‘Buffalo’ Video Is Both Dope & Super weird

With Tyler, the Creator currently on tour with ASAP Rocky and getting banned from countries, it can be easy to forget that he is also pretty much a visual genius. Late last week, he hit us with a reminder, just for kontrol.

The video for ‘Buffalo’ begins with Tyler in ‘white face’ being hung at the neck from a tree while an angry black mob cheer for his death. The Odd Future leader’s is clearly poking at some social commentary in light of everything that is going on with race relations in America, but with a twist of crazy.

As you can imagine, the release of the video got the Twitter-sphere community all riled up because of the sensitivity of the subject matter. BUT, whatever your views, on a visual and directorial scale, it is simply undeniable of dope ‘Buffalo’ is.

Watch the video below

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