Listen to Aewon Wolf’s Brand New Single ‘Fever’

It’s difficult to imagine having a better run with your first single than Durban’s Aewon Wolf and Tribal had with ‘A Week Ago.’ But the wheel must keep spinning.

Today, Aewon casts that net and lets loose of what sounds like could be a summer anthem going into the fourth quarter of the year. As one would expect from a summer joint, it’s easy on the year with the kind of tempo tailored made to stealthily creep up on a hunnie in the club as she is blissfully swaying from side to side, happy from her preference of happy juice. Too descriptive? Argh, we need a holiday!

Make sure to also pick up our current October/November 2015 issue and read our full interview with Aewon Wolf.

Listen to ‘Fever’ below, produced by Sketchy Bongo

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