Cassper Calls AKA A Lying Drug Addict In New Official ‘Composure’ Response

We waited for the day with baited breath while Cassper posted dance videos and wowed crowds in London. We heard the rumblings but weren’t sure it was ever going to happen. There were 2 false alarms in the form of the single #Ashes2Ashes and the ‘freestyle’ Cassper spit on a radio station while overseas. But the day has finally arrived. . . Cassper Nyovest has officially responded to AKA’s bonechilling diss song (and hit record) ‘Composure.’

For a man accused of being too soft and overly forgiving at times, Cassper spared nothing on this joint. From Tibz to Bonang, Loyiso Gola, Cashtime and Zinhle mentions, everybody got it. We could go into full analysis mode, but we thought it might be more impactful to list the top damaging lines from ‘Dust to Dust.’


“This beef messed up my relationship with a lot of n*ggas/ It managed to do the same thing with Cashtime”

“Everytime you Tweet something and delete it I forgive you cos I know it’s not you, it’s the cocaine”

“You mad cos you own none of your music, even your diss track”

“I’m filling up the Dome in a few bruh! You’re opening for Jason Derulo?”

“Zinhle left you in public and I don’t blame you, sis/ They say it’s nearly impossible to raise 2 kids”

“First it was Khuli Chana then it was Les/ I wonder who’s dick you’re gonna suck next”

“You thought this is what you wanted but it’s hot now/ You’re about to get schooled by a dropout”

“Bonang will never ever come out in public/ With a little broke druggie, I’ll be shocked it she doesn it”

“Let’s tell the people what’s what/ You say you broke up with your girl cos of your album but she found out that Bonang got you star struck”

“You ain’t had a hit without a feature/ You depend on niggas, you a leech and you’re good at using vernac rappers to appeal to the hood”

“You said we’re similar/ You’re stupid and I’m dumb nice/ That’s why you came to a gun fight with a blunt knife”

“I’m writing this from the crib shooting free throws, you stayed in a town house owned by Oskido and got kicked out”

“I gotta tell the world now/ how you getting all the deals that I turned down/ I denied that Hunters ad, I’m a businessman/ You got 450 I denied a million rand”

“I used to be golden boy because my album went gold, now I’m golden boy because my golden circle tickets sold out”

“Ask around little nigga cos Joburg don’t care/ Cos Tibz is always talking shit about you when you’re not there”

Now listen to the song yourself below and let us know what you think

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