Kendrick Lamar Writes Inspiring Letter To 2Pac

In his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick pays tribute to Makaveli by way of a mock interview with Pac, taken from actual recordings from Tupac’s voice. And yesterday, Kendrick took it further when he took a moment to write an inspiring letter to write on 2Pac’s official fan page paying homage to the late rapper.

Kendrick touches on the very first time he had ever heard Pac’s music and how his music affected him 2 decades later. As the 13th marked the 19th anniversary of Pac’s death.

Granted, Tupac has had the biggest influence of K.Dot’s music and ideology (even claiming tha Pac spoke to him in a dream as once), especially being from the West Coast; but is anyone else feeling like the idolatry is becoming just a tad creepy? No? Just us?

Check out the letter right below:


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