AKA Addresses Cassper, Zinhle & Anatii In New Song ‘Composure’. Listen & Download

The Super Mega AKA released ‘Composure’ today, which for lack of a better term, it ‘LIT!’ Lit because it’s probably the most personal song since his 247/366 mixtape single ‘Mistakes.’ AKA, who has been the subject of much media controversy over the past few years, addresses everything from his relationship with his baby mother, DJ Zintle, to being a father, the thrills and downs of being a touring artist, and of course the thing everyone is most concerned with: his feud with Cassper Nyovest.

AKA starts off addressing Riky Rick (or is it Cassper?), rapping, “When it rains it pours/ Understand with me when it’s war, it’s war/ thinking back you wasn’t even national yet/ matter fact I used to be a fan of your shit/ Young king I should’ve took you under my wing, instead I let you under my skin.” But the things take a turn for the worst when the second verse starts and he comes for Cassper’s neck taking shots at the legitimacy of his album gold status and accusing him of stealing material from OkMalumkoolkat.

“Heard your new release put that shit on fast forward/ captain of my team, this a contact sport/ went gold but you niggas did it funny style/ K.O didn’t even try to floss with it” and then soon after “All this talk about God, I’ma show you hell/ bring it to your face like Lo’real/ my niggas in position when they ring the bell/ they gon’ treat your ponytail like the holy grail/ that’s the problem with you new skool cats/ took your whole style from Malumkoolkat/ I got my hands in the dirt, such a pity you can’t dance on the verse”

If this isn’t hard enough, in the third verse, it’s Anatii’s turn to get some, as the verse opens with: “I’m the reason people had ‘The Saga’ on repeat/ Now you wanna charge me 80 thousand for a beat?”

DAMN! What will transpire from this? Only the next few days will tell us.

You can download here or listen on Soundcloud below:



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