OkMalumkoolkat’s #100kMaCassette Is Finally Here. Listen & Download

With already so many hip hop releases this year (ProVerb, Riky Rick, iFani, Cassper, Kendrick, Lupe, Drake, etc.) and few more promised, 2015 is looking like the most lit year since 1994. And now you can add another name to the list of artists who will be contributing to that fire: OkMalumkoolkat.

If you picked up the current August/September issue and read his interview, you will know that Malume promised the world a mixtape upon reaching 100,000 any of his mail social networks Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. His fans obviously accepted the challenge because a few short weeks later, the Smart Mampara’s social media reach skyrocketed and is currently sitting on 90k+ for Instagram, 88k+ on Twitter, and the golden 108k on Facebook (and they said Facbook was dead huh?). And indeed Malume honoured his part of the deal and on Saturday in the early hours of the morning, he let loose the link for the long awaited tape.

#100kMaCassette has all the erratic elements you’d expect from a Malume tape: Ganja Beatz, The Good Dokta, Riky Rick, uSanele, PUSH PUSH, BIG FKN GUN. . . and a whole of of kool to bind it all together. It goes from electronic to gdom house to minimalistic faster than you can say: ‘AWEMAH!’ and it’s not weird because it’s OkMalumkoolkat.

Listen & download #100kMaCasette and let us know what you think of it:


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