Bongani Fassie Releases Video For His Latest Diss Track

Still, no-one seems to be entirely sure what the events that led to producer/rapper Bongani Fassie releasing a diss track aimed at pretty much the whole rap game are, but now a week after the song dropped, Bongz has blessed his fans with the video.

Titled ‘Stretcher’, the song takes shots at L-tido, Da L.e.s, JR, Skwatta Kamp, K.O, Maggz and many others, most of whom he addresses by name. What’s even more obscure is that it features verses from ShaeMix and PusherBeats who drop some threatening bars, who Da L.e.s has claimed not to know at all.

Getting a surprisingly mild response from the guys the song is aimed at so far, it’s will be interesting to see if anything materialises from this. For what it’s worth, Bongz is still mean with the beats and if nothing else, you can like the song for that.

The visuals are directed by Da Mos (SouthLine Media) and you can check them out below:

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