Meek Mill Claims Drake Does Not Write His Own Rhymes

Another day, another beef. And on today’s breakfast menu, we woke to a majour Twitter onslaught courtesy of MMG’s Meek Mill.

During what initially seemed like a general Twitter rant about being a “real nigga”, being from “the trap” and all the other things Meek’s confrontational subject matter normally consists of, things got hot when the Philli rapper suddenly accused Drake of not writing his own rap lyrics. “Stop comparing Drake to me too… He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album cos we found out.”

Meek went on to explain that he found out when a homie of his played him a recording of a line that Drake spit on his and Meek’s Dreams Worth Mor Than Money collaboration, RICO, which was recorded in someone else’s voice and way before they recorded the song for the album.

There were a lot of other colourful things Meek said about Drizzy (which you can read in the screen grabs below) but before we get there, there is one pending question that has to be asked: could Meek Mill just be hating? To be fair, he has a history of acting impulsively, particularly around his album promotion period. Last time he got into it with his MMG label mate Wale for not tweeting his album link and the big boss Ross had to get involved to mediate the situation. Could it be that Meek is just very hurt that Drizzy didn’t expose his album details to his 24million Twitter following and instead of picking up the phone to address it, he chose to blast the yellow homie publically? Or could there very well be some truth in his accusation?

Who knows. Whichever, it is, it will be very interesting to witness how this story unfolds. Hopefully we’ll also get some bars out of the both of them… otherwise, what is this all for, huh?

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