Youngsta Releases Comical Spoof of DJ Milkshake’s ‘My Own’

We know Youngsta for many things; being the voice of CPT rap, for awesome lyricism, for being one of the most underrated youngns in behind the mic… The list goes on. And now you can add : comedian?

In a new video he released late last week which has the 22 year old emcee delivering rhymes against a black minimalistic backdrop, the Y-gen general is intentionally ironic as he breaks down his plans to take over 2015 on DJ Milkshake’s ‘My Own’ instrumental.

The video takes another weird turn towards the end when Youngsta raps the last few bars in his “best Young Thug impression”, with the get-up to match. However, though he uses a comical tone throughout the song, it is pretty clear that the message he is conveying is serious: it’s time that the world knows of my greatness.

Check it out below and let us know what you think:

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