Cassper Nyovest Will Perform In Zimbabwe Despite Death Threats

The recent Xenophobic attacks have had many effects and responses. Among them is the unanimous support of the hip hop community taking a stand against the violence and very mentality that enables these atrocious actions. But yesterday things were taken to level when a radical Zimbabwean national directed his distaste for South African Xenophobia to Cassper Nyovest.

Like AKA, Cashtime Life, Ms Cosmo, Reason and a number of other hip hop personalities, Cassper spent the week posting various anti-Xenophobic messaging on social media. “This attitude disgusts me, it makes me ashamed to be South African,” Nyovest posted on Twitter. “If you look into your history you will see that many of you have roots in other parts of Africa. When our freedom fighters went to exile, other countries excepted them. Now we have freedom, we hate them.”

But a follower, clearly angry to the point of extremism chose to use Cassper to project his views, threatening the Mafowon rapper’s life ahead of his Zimbabwean performance this coming weekend

Cassper insta

Though we share this fan’s sentiment about xenophobia being a completely disgusting act, this is perhaps not the best way to go about it. Especially since the person you’re threatening is an advocate ofr the very thing you represent. Cassper is also one fourth Malawian (from his father’s side) and has been open about his pride for his heritage.

Hopefully this is just an overly emotional kid who’s misinterpreted the situation and is just looking for attention. Cassper’s PR team has put out a statement saying that he will honour his commitment to perform in Zim as planned.

We wish the soon to be platinum boy a safe trip.



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