The 411 With Cashtime Life CEO Thabiso Khati

Thabiso Khati – you better know the name.

Not only one of SA hip hop’s first pioneers but also entrepreneur, artists manager, ceo at 360 Street (a marketing agency that connects brands with consumers using music and lifestyle) and most recently, ceo and co-owner of mega movement Cashtime Life and 

His track record pretty much speaks for itself. But we still caught up with him to for a few more words.



What Cashtime/Cashtime Life is all about…

Cashtime Life is a record label, a movement, a lifestyle company that is driven by the noting of pushing culture forward.


Cashtime is now a movement, any bigger plans for 2015 and all Cashtime fans?

2015 is about building on all the moves we made in 2014 and also creating new moves that will help further entrench Cashtime Life as a new age company that cultivates and mines new and exciting opportunities for our artists. We have added new people on the management side to help create new properties whilst maximising the output of our current assets.


Where can fans get a hold of Cashtime Life merchandise?

T-shirts: Shesha

Spoties: Sportscene and Shesha


We all love Hip-Hop but what is Hip-Hop to you, really?

Hip Hop is life, it’s a voice of a generation, it’s a unifying force that breaks any boundaries placed on it’s way, be it age, race, gender, nationality, etc


Who your biggest SA Hip-Hop artist is at the moment.

By far, K.O


Some people don’t know how long you’ve been grinding in the industry…How long has it been, any challenges?

Let’s just say I started the Johannesburg Hip-Hop movement alongside Bradley Williams aka DJ Bionic, DJ Blaze and a few others like Spex, Snazzy D, etc.


The SA Hip-Hop scene grows bigger with each day, do you think this will last or is it just a phase?

We are here to stay.


Complete the sentence: “The game is in need of……STRUCTURE”


Let us in on your secret to success.

I grind around the clock. I stay dreaming and scheming.


Who do you think will be big this year in the SA Hip-Hop scene?

KiD X, Nomuzi, Yanga, K.O, Ma-E, Maggz and WTF (from Durban).


Written: Bridgette Makhela

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