If you’re an Instagram fiend like we are, you would have noticed that for the past two weeks Cashtime Life’s Ma-E, Motif Records’ Reason and Glitz Gang’s L-tido have had one thing in common: the “#RapDads” hashtag that’s been used to punctuate many of their posts. At first it was just a very probable coincidence considering all three guys are fathers who also happen to be rappers by trade. But then the cat practically jumped out the bag when Reason posted an image of all three rappers posing with their adorable off-spring at what appeared to be a studio shoot.


Channel O and Vuzu officially went on to announce on Turn Up that Rap Dads will premiere on Vuzu AMP (Channel 114) on 23 January 2014. The show will take on a reality format, documenting how the three local heavyweights balance the tricky task of being responsible role models for their children while simultaneously dealing with fame, travel, busy schedules and pretty much all the nuances that the rap life brings.


Hopefully it won’t be cheesy. ‘Cos, you know, reality shows can be that sometimes. But considering rap’s notorious and well documented history with the absent daddy complex, we’re glad that an alternative and more positive message is put out there.


Now, answer us this: who’s your daddy?


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