In case nursing your drunken uncle and the back-to-school craze got in the way of keeping up with current affairs this past festive season, here’s something kind of important to note that you may have missed out on: HHP dropped an album on 31 December 2014 titled Motswako High School.

A very unconventional time to drop music considering that the only consumer experience most people are trying to have on the day involves bad personal decisions and passing out at an obscure location at an ungodly hour of the morning, HHP surprised everyone with the announcement three weeks before the album drop.

More unconventional than that is the album itself, which sets itself apart from its predecessors with its heavily conceptual aesthetic. As the title suggests, HHP creates a setting where he is the head prefect of the school of Motswako and we are all invited to get schooled. Songs such as ‘Traffiki’ and ‘Mafikeng’ cleverly lend themselves to the concept and the rest of the songs follow suit. Jabba also kept it 100 with the features, which include Liquid Deep’s Ziyon, Bucie, Tamarsha, Lection, Heemal (Ganja Beatz), M.anifest, and Pulse of Joy, among others.


“I am very excited about this album. It’s nothing like any of the albums that are currently out and that’s what I love about it. This album is a culmination of all my years of experience and I’m taking my fans back to the essence of what has given me the longevity in this industry. I’m no longer competing with others, I’m now running my own race” says HHP.

2015 also marks the 15th year anniversary of Hip Hop Pantsula as an active artist, and there is no way to celebrate with the big home like to cop the album and show love.


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