Cashtime new bucket hat line with Head Honcho & K.O MAKES HISTORY on youtube

10253840_333619253452097_5168908405846990477_nCongrats to K.O, whose video ‘Caracara’ has reached over one million views on YouTube.  When the joint dropped back in April, it became an instant hit, taking over local charts and dance floors. K.O thanked his fans for the support on Twitter: “ATTENTION: #caracara has officially hit the million mark on YouTube!!! Extremely humbled.”

The CashTime rapper, who promised his fans a free track once ‘Caracara’ hit the million mark, kept his promise and dropped a new freestyle called ‘No Fear’. It’s pretty much safe to say the freestyle is another K.O hit as it has sent social media into overdrive, with many fans hailing K.O as the best in the game. K.O also got a nod from Tumi Molekane, who tweeted, “I think you guys might have to review your verse of the year after you hear KO on this ‘No Fear’ song. Dude making a move for the title.”

One thing’s for sure now: K.O’s upcoming album Skhanda Republic just became crazily anticipated.

And now things just got even more successful with the recent announcement of a Cashtime Life bucket hat. Partnering up with one of the country’s most influential youth lifestyle brands, Head Honcho, the two conglomerates will produce a range that will hit stores this summer.


“In hip hop parlance we say ‘real recognizes real”, says Head Honcho CEO and Co-Founder Nick Kaoma. “And there’s no crew that’s cooler and more authentic than Cashtime”, he adds.

Taking the bucket hat trend to the next level, K.O added: “We pride ourselves with both our stellar influence in the urban music space as well as our trend-setting impact in urban fashion. So it was only right for us to join forces with a similarly forward-thinking brand like Head Honcho who just like us have a foot in both the music and fashion spheres”, says K.O

The hats will hit stores all over SA in the coming weeks.


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