souljaWell, this might go down in history books as one of the lamest and most trivial hip hop beefs of all time: a not-so-famous-anymore rapper and a completely irrelevant, grown ass rapper engaging in a Twitter war and threatening to slap and kill each other. SMH.

It all started a few weeks ago when Gillie Da Kid accused Soulja Boy of wearing fake jewellery. The forty-something-year-old rapper posted a picture on Instagram, calling out rappers who ball with bogus bling, and threw in a caption that read: “N I Got 1 N I’m Lookin 4 U Niggaz!!!! #HideNseek #Ctfuuu #ImaCatchUniggaz #souljaboyassniggaz.

After catching wind of Gillie Da Kid’s daring Instagram message, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to fire back, tweeting, “I’ll slap da shit out yo bald head ass boy @gilliedak”, to which Gillie Da Kid responded: “u bitch ass Yung Boi u fake ass nigga u Doin this Diamond tester challenge when I see u lmaoooooooo n I’m slap blood in Ur mouth”.

Soulja Boy then decided he isn’t yet done with Gillie Da Kid so he reignited the feud yesterday with another series of tweets, each more scathing than the last.gillie-da-kid1

“I swear to God umma kill you I don’t care what I gotta do but umma do it. You got me fucked up on my lil bro grave I promise,” tweeted Soulja, before adding, “Tired of these washed up old ass rappers looking for a 2nd chance. Can’t wait to kill this nigga. I’m gonna take off my Gucci belt and whoop his ass like the “kid” he is. @gilliedakid”

 We’re not surprised though that Soulja Boy has found himself in the centre of yet another comical beef of his career. Remember in 2009 when he was involved in some petty feud with Bow Wow and they looked like two puppies wrestling over a doggie biscuit? Well, at least back then he was on top of his game, but now things have changed. And as for Gillie Da Kid, dude’s been rapping (or at least attempting to) since the 90s but he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

We’ve seen worst and embarrassing hip hop beefs over the years but this one takes the biscuit!

By: Moza Moyo.

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