Sanusi Lagos Drop Their Royal Bloom Collection

sanusi-lagos-_miabaga.com_5Previously HYPE interviewed popular Nigerian fashion label Sanusi Lagos, who continue to build up on their growing brand by bringing high quality street fashion to Africa and the rest of the world. Founded by celebrity stylist Seyi Sanusi and UK based fashion designer Adesola Obebe, Sanusi recently launched their Spring/Summer’15 collection “Royal Bloom”, which also debuts their diffusion line of women’s wear. The collection depicts commissioned artwork by graphic artists Toby Emmanuel & Elizabeth Butrimova, which appears on t-shirts infused with exotic leaves & vibrant water colours, alongside geometric shapes on two-pieces and abstract paintings on trendy headgear. HYPE took the leverage of finding out more about the inspirations behind the collection and what the must have pieces are from this line.

What was the inspiration behind the Royal Bloom collection?

Sanusi’s design team carried out extensive research into upcoming trends for S/S15 as well as intergrating our own passions. We are fascinated by the baroque era as it says luxury and love looking at beautiful architecture for interesting lines and shapes as inspiration.

What’s so special about this new collection when compared to your previous collections?

Everything has improved! Our first collection felt like a practice run. In our first season we sourced prints whereas this collection we hired graphic artists to bring our ideas to life. That paired with quality printing companies & fabrics, I believe makes this collection stand out. We aim for each collection to be big and better than the last as we strive for perfection.

What would you say are the current fashion trends for 2014?sanusi-lagos-_miabaga.com_19

Floral prints, geometry, leather and soft tailoring.

What has been your favourite part of working on the collection?

There’s been two with this collection. Firstly  it was working personally with our new graphic designer. I felt like I learnt a lot from just sitting down with him and sharing ideas. Secondly the end result! When you see the garments been shot behind the scenes for the look book it feels great to see all your efforts come together.

What’s the ‘must-have’ piece from this collection?

From the men’s I’d say the ‘kei tee’, as it’s black and white so it can be worn with anything. I think its a great piece that you dress down with sweat-pants or dress up under a suit jacket.For the ladies the ‘aida 2-piece’ set has been so popular! It’s been a big hit this summer and we aim to bring loads easy to wear pieces soon.

How can one get their hands on Royal Bloom threads?

You can visit our online store We offer efficient shipping across the world. Be sure to look out for us popping up in select luxury stores in Nigeria, South Africa and America in the near future.




Look Book Credits:

Photographer: Kez Coo

Models: Serghinio Giovanni Wooter, Jerome Letrone, Brooklyn Malika Sang Style Direction: Adesola Obebe

Location: London, UK


Written By: Rudzani “@Roo_AT” Netshiheni

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