Wale lays smackdown in WWE arena

waleWe all know that the punches and smack downs delivered by WWE stars during their matches are fake, but at last night’s Monday Night Raw event in Washington D.C, some real punches were thrown in the arena. No, not by WWE stars, but by Wale!

According to reports, Wale, a well-known wrestling fan, was attending the event and some guy from the crowd spotted him and started having a go at the rapper on Twitter, sending him threats. The heckler went as far as telling Wale to meet him during the live show, and well…Wale fulfilled his wish. Things escalated when Wale found him, and the two got into an altercation that saw the fan receive Wale’s punch in the face.

The security guards intervened, but no arrests were made. Wale would later return to his seat to watch the matches, eating popcorn like nothing happened.

Judging by the guy’s tweets below, he sure deserved that punch.

Side Show Joe @Chefboyrnach

Did wale just walk by me!? Nahhh b he better come collect this fade

Side Show Joe @Chefboyrnach

You at Monday night raw fuckboy? Come see me in the ring and catch this stunner @wale

Side Show Joe @Chefboyrnach

They shoulda but that bitch in the nose bleeds where his talentless ass belongs

Side Show Joe @Chefboyrnach

I gotta rock bottom wale for all my Coli breh who hate him as well

Side Show Joe @Chefboyrnach

@Wale LLLMMMMMMMAAAAOOOOO couple rows away breh


Written by: Moza Moyo.

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