Yeezus settles kid assault case with a six figure sum!

Paris Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lunch at 'L'Avenue'

We think punching a kid (even if that kid is a ‘real racist piece of trash’) is quite expensive, even for Kanye West, who’s had to settle quietly out of court with the 18 year old boy he allegedly punched at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills recently. The kid is said to have taunted West’s baby mama Kim Kardashian, calling her her ‘n*gga lover’ in her face during a visit to the chiropractor. After she couldn’t fend herself off from the many derogatory terms he’d used, Kardashian naturally called Kanye to her aid. Now… you gotta ask yo’self: WHAT WOULD KANYE DO?

The rapper is reported to have punched the cursing kid over 30 times, but apparently the kid has no injuries, and we were definitely not surprised when he threatened court action for the assault. It’s since emerged that Kanye has had to fork out the hefty sum of $250,000 to make the mess go away – and also avoid the public slaughter of another Kanye outburst – although we think that kid is certainly going to think before uttering BS like that ever again.



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