Is DJ Banques the hungriest hip hop DJ of them all?

photo 1With all the HYPE around Hip Hop DJs, all the major events and vast amounts of DJs that are up and coming, it’s become a challenge to keep up to date with DJs that are making a name for themselves, this time we shine a spotlight on one of Cap City’s pioneer Hip Hop DJs.

DJ Banques (pronounced Banks) has reached a vast amount of success which only a handful of Hip Hop DJs from PTA seem to achieve. Starting out from playing for no more than a 100 people in his early stages to spinning the decks at big platforms such as the Durban July, this nationwide DJ is surely out there to prove that CapiCity is not short of talent. 

First of all give us an intro of who you are and what you do..

I am Fortuna Bakango, well known as “DJ BANQUES”, one of the most recognizable young Hip Hop DJs in the game, whether its Pretoria, Jo’burg, Durban or even Cape Town, pretty much tearing up dance floors across Mzansi. Whether its a Tuesday night private party or an outdoor event with screaming masses, one thing I never leave at home is the heat. Party goers expect nothing less, more often than not, you can be guaranteed a good set and even better professional relationship. At the end of the day I’m just working hard trying to shine the Pretoria flame like the guys who did it before me.

How did you get into DJing?

I’ve always been exposed to Hip Hop since a young age, through my older brother. The culture grew in me. At the age of 16, I discovered the Virtual DJ Software which kinda made me fall in love with the art and that art grew in me, I found my passion and the rest is history.

Describe Cap City’s Hip Hop scene?

The growth within the past 3 to 4 years has been phenomenal. Last year alone we saw the likes of Blaklez and Chad Da Don blow up countrywide and this year should be nothing less than another bigger year for these rappers, not forgetting to mention the upcoming rappers and DJs who are getting that recognition abroad in the game too. And that for me is a step in growth for Cap Citys Hip Hop scene.

The comparisons between J-Sec and Cap City have always been viewed in a competitive manner. Joburg based DJs seem to get more HYPE then PTA based DJs, comparing the two sides, what would you say the differences are between them and what do you think causes the big publicity differences between the two?

This question is always tricky to answer. Both cities have numerous amounts of talented DJs. Every DJ carries their own unique style, it’s not even about where you’re from. Speaking for my city, Pretoria has so many talented artists. The talent is there but there isn’t platforms to showcase these talents. The biggest difference has to be the media… Johannesburg is the home of all publicity. There’s more media coverage in JHB than any other places in the country. Media exposure creates HYPE. The entertainment media has given Pretoria a blind eye amongst other cities, as long as that goes on nobody will really ever know how much talent there is in this country as a whole.

What distinguishes your style from all the other DJs we know of?

Versatility and risk taking. A lot of DJs have an unknown phobia of trying new things, taking that risk. ERRRBODY wants to play Club Bangers but nobody wants to introduce these new joints to the masses before their become commercial. So what are they actually doing?! We are supposed to be the ear in music for the masses before it hits the streets.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The growth in general as to be my ultimate highlight. From my early days playing in high school socials to traveling the country showcasing my skills in bigger platforms that most DJs my age where I come from can only dream of, and sharing these bigger platforms abroad with greats such as DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Milkshake and a few international DJs/Artists only at the age of 22. God has been too great!

According to you which local joints would you cause a definite turn up today?

Gusheshe, Heaven, No Sleep, Doc Shebeleza, Kontrol, Hazzadmove, Amantobazane and Fire.

Anything other projects you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a single to drop sometime this year amongst other projects which I can’t mention yet. All I gotta say is, my people have to stay tuned to my social network pages to find out.

One word that best describes DJ Banques?







Written by: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

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