99 problems and assault is one!



On this day in 1999 ironically, Jay-Z was arrested in connection with the stabbing of producer Lance ‘Un’ Rivera. Charged with first degree assault, Mr Carter pleaded not guilty initially but eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a NY court room, receiving 3 years probation. The assault took place during a listening session for Q-Tip’s album Amplified at the Kit Kat Club. Around that time Jigga’s album The Blueprint was sitting on top of the Billboard charts with the globe dancing to his hits “Girls, Girls, Girls” & “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”. He managed to get back onto the right side of the law. Let’s check out other rappers who have been charged with assault as well:


Foxy Brown

In 2008 Brown pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges stemming from the 2007 assault case, also in NY, after striking her neighbor with her Blackberry cellphone. Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge John Walsh sentenced the MC to time already served, an order of protection and a letter of apology to her victim. That same year she also pleaded no contest in another assault case in Florida and was sentenced to 6 months probation, community service and anger management. For all her assault convictions she served a total of 8 months in the pen.


Chris Brown

For the purpose of his ‘rap’ collaborations, we’ll keep Brown on this list for now (although he does belong on the R&B gangster wannabe countdown). After the whole Rihanna controversy where he was found guilty of beating up his superstar girlfriend at the time, Chris Brown fans gave him a free pass and supported his public rehabilitation and comeback. But the charges just didn’t stop. Then there was that whole Drake incident, the Wendy Williams incident, the fan photo assault incident, and most recently the incident where he got kicked out of rehab for throwing a rock through his mother’s car window. Ordered back into treatment he faces fresh assault charges on 8 January 2014. He’s currently in rehab for anger management. We reckon dude should just become a professional boxer and let it all out in the ring.


A$AP Rocky

Charged with assault in September this year, A$AP allegedly smacked a female fan in the face during a concert in Philadelphia when he went into the crowd. The woman claims that fans started tearing at Rocky’s shirt which made the Harlem rapper turned around and give her an open-handed slap to the face. Citing that she suffered whiplash from the incident, she has since filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney’s Office. This is not the first time Rocky has been accused of assault on a woman. Wa-Watch yo’self there A$AP!


Mack Maine

In August this year Mack Maine assaulted a female fan and her friend on their tour bus, eventually turning himself in to the Sheriff’s office. 31 year old Jermaine Preyan was officially charged with aggravated assault and battery and one count of sexual battery. The YMCMB better come correct, after all he is the president of one of hip hop’s most profitable labels in the world (not to mention the boss of one of the softest rappers around. We wouldn’t want ladies man Drizzy to follow suit).


50 cent

Curtis Jackson avoided 5 years in prison in October after domestic violence and vandalism charges were filed against him for the assault of his ex girlfriend. The incident took place in June when the rapper destroyed some of her property. The charges were dismissed after he agreed to plead guilty to one of the four counts of vandalism against him. He was sentenced to 3 years of unsupervised probation as well as counseling and a month of community service. He was also ordered to pay damages to his ex and there’s a restraining order in place. They two have a child together.


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