Kanye’s flips out at Sway – BEST QUOTES from that interview

sway-kanye-westWhen Yeezy sat down with Sway in the Morning, it was all good until 17 minutes into the interview. We’ll let you check out the video for yourself, but here are our favourite quotes that came out of Kanye’s mouth in the interview: 

“People wanna marginalise me from the top to the bottom”

“Y’all gon’ SEEEEE me”

“I’m living in the afterlife as far as I’m concerned”

“I’m the next Ralph to say the least”


“I am Shakespeare in the flesh!”

“Ain’t no hold up… ain’t no hold up”

“We ALL slaves to something… we slaves to Nike, we slaves to Benz, we slaves to public perception”


“I’m in that Michael Jackson position where he couldn’t get his video played on MTV cause his video was urban”

“I’m gonna be the first straight, hip hop, loud, celebrity, non etiquette having, blackout all the time, fresh a*s, super tasteful designer of all time. I’m gonna be the Tupac of clothing.”

“I’ve been the same person since age 0”


Check out the full video:


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