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AKA & Da Les to 4Play Media Campus Shutdown

AKA & Da Les to 4Play Media Campus Shutdown image 3


AKA & Da Les to 4Play Media Campus Shutdown

Most of you have barely recovered from the craziness that was 4 Play Fest, the music and general fun day extravaganza held last month in at Innes Free Park which featured the likes of Khuli Chana, Bricks and Black Motion, among others. Well, tough for you ‘cos 4 Play Media are at it again; this time for all you JHB varsity students who need a temporary distraction from the daunting exam results that are to make your parents question whether sending you to the army would’ve been a more economical alternative.

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On the up side, you’ll be turning up to the sounds of AKA and Da Les, who are headlining the show, and will be supported by DJ Speedsta, DJ Capital, Slique, FA1 and The Josh. It’s going down at the Wits University Alley on West Campus tomorrow (22 November) and starts at 6pm. You can cop your tickets for R100 at the door. Like Spike, just do the right thing.


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Twitter: @4PlayMedia

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