The Truth (Women VS Rap): an opinion piece

Many don’t dare acknowledge rap’s contribution to the emancipation of women. In fact they would rather put all the blame on it for its ill treatment of our sisters, wives, nieces, mothers, friends and lovers. It’s a genre most people love to hate and maybe rightfully so, but let’s be honest about a few things concerning Hip Hop:

 1. While R&B is all sweet and ideal, Hip Hop is raw and realistic. It’s the truth we all know and see (some women/men experience) but would rather sugarcoat. I think that’s being hypocritical and Hip Hop doesn’t play like that. There are issues women face in both the streets and home. Why hate the men who are honest about their relations with women and respect those who say and do the same things to them (but behind closed doors)?

 2. While most patriarchal societies have done an excellent job in claiming and owning women to its conformity,  Hip Hop raps pro choice – be proud of whatever you are cause there ain’t no shame. Why should women be ashamed of their choices while men aren’t? I’m not saying it’s cool for women to be name called and degraded but let’s recognise this, hip hop, doesn’t project itself on anyone. It just is. That’s why all kinds of women from all walks of life listen to rap without catching feelings.

 3. Most cultures strip women of the right to their own bodies. Sure you live in it, but its here to serve it’s men and bear the children. It’s here to cook, clean and carry out all other women duties. It’s not every day women freely celebrate their bodies and beauty. Fault Hip Hop all you want but you can’t deny that it acknowledges and celebrates the female body for all it is.

 4. I hate to say this but I must, women are not always victims. They are not always these kind-hearted fragile. selfless beings the world likes to believe. Just like men, they play the game too. Hip Hop doesn’t always paint a lie. We live in the 21st century and now more than ever vanity, money and materialism rules many hearts of both men and women. True love is a rare thing to find and honestly speaking, not many believe it’s out there or it’s for them. Hip Hop may portray women as everything, but not victims. Women do choose the lifestyles they live. 

 5. Hip hop has contributed a great deal to the thick skin every women develops eventually. While society sells women dreams of the perfect men, rappers are bluntly honest of the fact that he may have all the money but a man will never be perfect. He could be a player or maybe a good husband but still cheat. Hip Hop has also contributed just as much to what women answer to. At first women used to wear the negative labels attached to their women-hood and answer to everything but there’s a new attitude in town: “F what a n*gga says!”

 Of course the human race is a very sensitive one and maybe sweeping reality down the carpet and making ugly sound pretty. I mean, a lot of times we attack anyone who dares to speak up about things without making them sound attractive. Maybe we are wired to be defensive and offended about the truth that catches up with us and messes up our lives even further. We are creatures that would rather believe the perfect lie over the naked truth, and that’s a shame. Hip Hop will always be the activist, protester, reality checker, dreamer – so many things people love to hate. Personally I think because the blunt truth can never be well received. 

 Written by: Rachel Kamogelo Modise

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