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389203_614251485251548_1104768573_nPretoria-based Fashion Addict, 23 year old Maitele Netshimbupfe, chats to HYPE about Vintage world domination. The fashion rebel, blogger, stylist, fashion buyer & seller, creator and dreamer is a logistics student at The Tshwane University of Technology (T.U.T). He gets really personal about his passion for fashion…

HYPE: When And How Did You Get Into Fashion?

Maitele: I’ve always had a love for clothes although it’s been about brands and tryna look outstanding at the same time. Then five years ago I moved to Pretoria, started seeing different kinds of people and styles that I learnt and began appreciating being stylish and unique. All that made me strive to always look my best until I realized my passion and love for clothes!…”I’m a fashion police everyday outchea on the street”

 Tell Us About How Your Love For Fashion Got You This Far

My love for fashion got me this far ‘coz of how my lifestyle started being more about just fashion rather than fashion being a hobby, as I started being relevant and attending fashion events like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Back To The City and STREET CERD. It became more intense because I realized how serious it had become and how rough the competition is because everyone is striving to look extraordinary. I started familiarizing myself with blogs and fashion pages on the internet and people started giving me some really good following with regards to how super cool my style and character is, then the world of fashion just swallowed me.

 Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?

My inspiration is drawn mostly from the internet, street fashion & blogging (I’m a hardcore blogger). I think online is the future because there’s a lot to learn.

 How Do You Pick An Outfit For The Day?

Just like I pick a packet of chips at a grocery store, it’s that easy!

 Old Skul Vintage Seems To Be The “In Thing” Fashion-wise, Why Is It So Timeless?

The vintage movement is big right now and for me what makes it so timeless are the designs that were used in vintage clothes, MY GOD!!! It’s so insane, and more than anything I’ll say it’s the QUALITY in the clothes, it’s UNBELIEVABLE!

Tell Us About Interesting Ish You’ve Been Up To? (Tshwane TV, Shoots, etc.)

I recently was part of a TV show on Tshwane TV that featured young designers doing amazing work in Pretoria and the response was really overwhelming and unexpected, I’ve also been featured on the PRETORIA Newspaper and THE TIMES Newspaper earlier this year for a fashion cover spread nyana for control. I also worked with an alcohol brand for an online project to rebrand their image for the youth. I’ve also worked as a model for brands like G-Star RAW, African Swiss, Magents and a couple more for the opening of STREET CRED 2013.

 How Do You Think Movements Such As Street Cred Give Upcoming Fashionistas The Opportunity To Get Themselves Out There?

They involve the media and they really appreciate the love for fashion by bringing together individuals from all over the world who love fashion and are looking to work or connect with other people who are just like them to make the fashion community a better one.

Favourite SA Designer?

A Pretoria-based designer and friend of mine called Tshepiso Van Wyk “Retro BLVD”

Plans For The Future?

Definitely making a living out of fashion, #PERIOD


Written by: Bridgette Makhela

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