Absolut Vodka Presents: Absolut Fit

On the 5 of September Absolut Vodka and Coast Studios in Newtown played host to the Absolut Fit Pop up store.

The Absolut Vodka gig showcased 5 up and coming local designers by means of a one night pop-up store, consisting of local designer clothing items available for purchase for those all invited to the event. The event was held at Coast Studios, a venue suited for such events, on Gwigwi Mrwebi Street. The five designer brands involved were OCD Augustine, Amen, Styla Gang, Babatunde and Galxboy, all showing off and selling their ready to wear threads to the lucky crowd.

The event kicked off at 19:30 for those invited to get the opportunity to purchase local designer threads and get an insight on where local fashion brands are headed and no disappointments were made, as the local fashion industry is thriving and the Absolut Fit event was just one testament to the fact.

The night was filled with an atmosphere of local prosperity and you couldn’t ignore the feeling that this was a unique platform for local fashion brought to us by Absolut Vodka.

By: Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

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