Kendrick still searching for fulfillment

In a series produced by J.Cole to create anticipation for his upcoming album Born Sinner which drops in June and features Lamar, fans are treated to great in depth interviews, notably by the TDE rapper who recalls being questioned by his friend Erykah Badu about industry fulfillment.

“She asked me one of the coldest questions ever and I couldn’t respond to it. She said: So what is your fulfillment, what are you looking for out of this? You could easily say the money or to support your family, get your grandma a house but after that you’re gonna want something else.  And I thought, ‘you know what you’re right’. She was like: I ask you this question because I still haven’t found what I’m looking for in this. I always figured I was a real strong minded person… I fell and bumped my head a few times you know, being influenced by a few people around me. But I always felt like I was a leader. It’s a different type of temptation when the spotlight is on you and that right there really defines how much will power and how strong minded you really are; what’s my weak areas, what’s my strong points, where are my most vulnerable points; my point where I say ‘fuck you’, ‘fuck everything’ – all that comes out when that light is on… then when that light is off and you in a room  by yourself alone – all these thoughts going in yo’ head – it’s a balance of everything right now and I’m freshly new in it and to be 100% honest with you I’m still going through the motions, you know, trying to balance everything out. Everybody can tell you ‘once you’re album is out it’s gonna change everything’… you always hear that. But when it do come out, it do what you always wanted it to do, it does change and it change so fast… so fast”.

Click on the link below to hear the full audio clip of Kendrick Lamar’s interview – and check out what he has to say about J.Cole’s talent:

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