Q&A with Mulo – YFM’S Kool Kid Uncut!

1. Name/Title, Age, Occupation/s

Cliff NhlaMulo, 27, DJ/Presenter

2. Give us Mulo in one sentence.

That popular kid your parents warned you not to hang out with because he is a bad influence, but does well in school and gets with the girl you want.

3. Mulo Uncut is the coolest weekend radio show because…?

It’s unrestricted. It’s like blind-folding a kid in a candy-store. Both from a listener’s point of view and from mine. Three hours of a sugar-high. Amped-up energy with a twist of wisdom wrapped up with flirtatious innuendo. Perfect way to finish off a weekend, Y-style.

4. How do you deal with competition in the game/industry?

Staying true to one’s self. My boss told me this once: ‘You are only as hot as your last show’. My competition is how hot I was the last time I was on. No one does ‘me’ better than me. Being original and unique gives you an edge.

5. A radio career changed your life in what way/s?

I know what it feels like to speak and have it matter. I’ve been told I have a way with words, and what better way to use your skills than to make a career of it.

6. YFM is, was and will always be…?

My first love. From high school I always knew this is what I wanna do. Since the days of Phat-Joe, Fresh, Bad Boy T and Rudeboy. I always knew that I wanted is to speak over the same frequency, play the music I am passionate about and engage with people’s lives the only way I know how, which is to speak. Ey, if this doesn’t work out I always have my Law degree to fall back on. Hahahaha!

7. Hip-Hop or House?

Oh without a doubt. Hip Hop

8. How does a “Kool Kid” such as yourself keep a good head on his shoulders?

My mother is superwoman. Shaming her is not an option. Lol. Seriously though!

9. AKA or Da Les? And why?

A.K.A’s debut album is on fire. See what I did there? No seriously, Hip-Hop for me is about word play and storytelling and ‘Young Forbes’ is delivering on both. Les has been quiet but his contribution to Hip-Hop locally cannot be ignored but with that said, it was juvenile but then again so was Entity. Good luck to both!

10. Mulo in 2013?

Killing it. Doing more TV work. Ey I play now so Dial-A-Shangaan for your next gig. Still doing the whole school thing as well.

Bridgette Makhela

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