Nicki Minaj Pink Friday fragrance to launch in SA

It’s really hard to hate on Nicki Minaj. Even with a sub-par sophomore album and the way her race seems to change every week (seriously, this past week we struggled to distinguish her from Elton John in a picture they posed for together in London), everything she touches turns to gold. Or should we say platinum? Yes, platinum. That’s two platinum albums done and dusted.

This year, Ms Minaj launches her debut Fragrance with the billion dollar cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden. The fragrance is titled after her album Pink Friday album series and for once, will also hit shelves in South Africa on the international launch day in May.

Of course this means two main things: 1. With the gwap she’s made from this deal, Weezy and Drake can keep expecting ridiculously expensive sports cars for birthdays to come. And 2. If you are the partner of one of the ladies lucky enough to snatch themselves a bottle of this rare commodity, invest in some earplugs for the “It’s Barbie, bitch” exclamations that are sure to become her response to every unsolicited action.

Okay, we kid. But really, we just hope that at the least, the fragrance has some kind of mystical aura that encourages the cultivation of the sexiest, voluptuous, most sensual asset of Ms Minaj in the women who wear it – her heart. Wait, what were you thinking it was?

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