Today, South Africa’s rap golden boy turns 25 years old. It’s hard to believe a few years ago AKA was in a boy band… Oops, I mean rap group, indistinguishable from his peers. And then suddenly he transformed into this “problem yo, the one mother*ckers should solve but don’t.” AT the risk of going Hugh Grant soft on a brother, we thought that since the dude gets more hate than the AWB on these streets, we’d show some love instead. C’mon, he’s got a beard now, he deserves it. Here’s our top ten favourite AKA moments, in honour of his birthday.

10. “Haters gon’ hate. Potatoes gon’ potate” – while judging on Masters of Rhythm in 2011.

9. “She’ll be lucky if she gets McDonald’s, man” – All I Know. Well, all we know is that this line stirred up some trouble and made a lot of girls mad when the song gave fellas the courage to brush off their girls. Well played, AKA. Well played.

8. Live performance at the 2012 SAMAs with Jack Parow. On the night, AKA was affectionately introduced by Unathi Sengana who said “Mother fucker” on live television. Kiernan was then carried onto the stage in a throne and glow-in –the-dark jacket and proceeded to do what he does best: give haters a purpose in life.

7. AKA VS L-tido. In 2009, the two artists famously squared off on DJ C-live’s former YFM radio slot and have been going back and forth with subliminals and quirks ever since. Who are we kidding? We’ll never get enough of this!

6. Every single Manchester United game. Tune into @akaworldwide on Twitter for the cheekiest commentary you’ve ever seen. WARNING: Material may be hazardous to Arsenal supporters.

5. Legendary  verse on ‘Stay Scheming (Lames)’ freestyle with Smashis and Dakid X. Every one of them went into studio guns blazing on this joint and it’s hard to say who took it. But this is one of his strongest lyrical moments on wax.

4. 2012 Feb/Mar HYPE issue (This spot is shared with AKA’s Beard’s twitter account).

3. Jealousy video. When you can get DJ Cleo to not only feature in your video but agree to be a chauffeur in that Knight Rider whip while you’re hanging out the roof, you’ve earned our respect. Also, we hate to admit it but he kind of pulled off wearing leggings and looking gangsta AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (you must read that last bit in Future’s voice).

2. Victory Lap. Enough said.

1. “I’m just tryna get a piece/ Couple that with a couple daps from Patrice… I’m a beast.” AKA was the only rapper invited to perform at the African National Congress (ANC) 100th anniversary celebration in 2012. We’re still trying to get a piece of the amount on that cheque.

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