PdotO: Making music speak for himself

He’s been doing this thing we call Hip Hop for a minute and has recently been nominated for ‘Freshman of the year’, having his “Mind Over Matter” mixtape nominated for ‘Mixtape of year’ at the first SA Hip Hop Awards. PdotO is one young Hip Hop inspiration in Mzanzi that causes a massive attack…so let’s get familiar.

How long has PdotO been doing this glorious thing we call Hip Hop? And how did you get into it?

10 years ago, I picked up a pen to write a verse for the first time, scrambled some money, hit the studio and I’ve never looked back

Inspiration has to come from somewhere, who inspires PdotO?

Life is most inspiring, Pain, Hate, Love, Sex, m­oney and most importantly God- I live what I talk about in my music.

You’ve had a couple of joints out there and you were recently featured on the HUSH track by Blacklez, what would you say makes your flow so different from the rest?

Michael Jackson once said, “Artists, get in the way of the music at times, don’t! Let the music write itself” I let the music speak for itself I never plan anything except the structure of the song, so the flow just comes with it, what makes it different is that I don’t plan it.

To some you are seen as a fresh face in the commercial hip hop scene. In your opinion, what do you think one needs to have in order to break into the hip hop game?

Heart accompanied by persistence, Passion and Patience

Most people don’t know that you also do acting gigs on the side, like the Inkaba gig, how did all that come about?

I’m an actor, studied drama at TUT PTA, that’s my second passion. I studied, got an agent and now you’ll be seeing me on your screens in more ways than one.

Favorite local artists?

Myself, haha

If you were to meet yourself, how would you describe PdotO?

Composed Soldier

What can we expect in future from PdotO?

The Devilz’ Playground album will change the face of SA hip hop, I put that on my pops’ more roles in regards to acting. Just tryna create a legacy.. And It shall be..cause God lives. Uno

Rudzani “RooAT” Netshiheni

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