“Cut b*tch! Camera off!” – Let me blow your mind ft. Gwen Stefani

If you haven’t been to Avastar Nightclub, do yourself a favour and check out the unicorns at the bar and the lumo stars on the floor. Ladies, don’t bother wearing any clothes and guys; don’t forget your cigars. However you pitch, you must check out some of the local resident DJ’s once you’re there.

So it’s Friday, DJ Dimplez is killing it, your make-up is making its way down and 22:00 comes… EVE’s still not there, but the music is good, so you: PARTY! 23:00. 00:00. 01:00.

It was the best party of my life!

Until Eve stepped on stage…

At 02:00.

You would think an artist, who shared a record label with Die Antwoord, at one stage in her career; would know SA is used to hip/hop & rap from the “next level”.

EVE clearly thinks she’s too “Gangsta” for our hood.

Escorted by heavy security and a pony tailed, pirate-earring-wearing club owner, EVE enters the club with what, over a screaming crowd, seems to be “Love is blind”. Weirdly enough I didn’t recall the lawsuit, filed by Big Hutch for copyrights to this song earlier this year, as a sign of a disaster waiting to happen at that stage.

So getting onto the stage (with a New York backdrop), EVE starts interacting with… her DJ. In between every “song” EVE has a little chat to her DJ saying things like “let’s stick to reggae”. It seemed unprofessional and unprepared, but I had sympathy because of her Tweet the previous day:

“Stuck inside all day nursing a cold in JoBurg. Gotta make sure I’m ready for the show tomorrow night ‪@Avastarclub… See you there!!”

Nope, guess she wasn’t ready then.

EVE didn’t perform songs. She performed choruses and chatted to her DJ. It also came to my attention that even though this woman has topped the Billboard 100 & 200 charts, has gone platinum with “Scorpion” in 2001 and gold with “Eve-Olution” in 2002 and has won a Grammy Award for “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration” on “Who’s that girl” with Gwen Stefani… not even EVE herself recognises her solo tunes (not collabs) worthy of performing.

I was disappointed to say the least.

She performed parts from “Who’s that girl”, “Let me blow ya mind”, “Tambourine” and Jay-Z & Kanye’s, “N*ggaz in Paris”.

Inviting 4 girls onto the stage with her, “shaking down the town, (tryin’ to) get the picture, picture” and ETV all up in her face, EVE stormed off the stage without greeting the crowd. (Lyrics from Tambourine)

Some fans expressed their disappointed on Twitter:

@ThandokaMzimela: Eve all of 3songs!!! *dead* lol!! ‪#EveConcert

@kanyi_mgo: No hey @phopsbeauty plz hook EVE with a proper weave! I mean #Eveconcert

Maybe she’ll redeem herself with the new album dropping soon. You can download her new single “She Bad Bad” here: www.myplaydirect.com/eve. The tune has great bass and quite an African flavour to it.

Maybe “She (just) Bad Bad” live?


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