Missy Elliot puts the Minaj VS Lil Kim beef into perspective

The hip hop game’s roots stem with battles, saggy pants, loose and graphically painted T-shirts, and of course, beef! The hip hop arena has witnessed all kinds of beefs; unfortunately, other beefs have been alleged to have ended up in casualties.

As the game expands, we see new kids on the block bringing alterations. Boosting it or killing it. After the arrival of Nicki Minaj, we observed a revolution in female’s stance in the game. She brought her style and, assisted by Young Money Records, it blossomed to the world of hip hop. She managed to scoop a number of awards. While she still knocked in finding her grounds in the industry, radio and TV hip hop shows were inundated by the beef between Minaj and Lil Kim.

When Missy Elliot, who has been in this game for quite some time, appeared on the episode of MTV’s Rap Fix Live this past Thursday, she addressed a number of topics during her interview with Sway. She included Aaliyah, creating an all-female music tour, and her stance on the past beef between rappers Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. While speaking on the latter issue Missy added that what it all boils down to is respect. She further mentioned that an artist doesn’t have to like the other artist, but respect should not be left hanging outside. “I want to see everybody, everybody, get it. You know what I’m saying? I just love to see women just have their own. And you watch the guys do it all the time…The simplest word that I can say is respect. You don’t have to like somebody, respect. That’s it.”

Cyril Skosana

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