Who Said Rap Battles Are Dead? : Scrambles 4 Money Part 1

In case you’ve been living under a rock or if you are the person living in Rick Ross’ abysmal belly, you will know about the notorious Scrambles 4 Money freestyle battle league.

We came across the league when promo video interviews featuring the likes of Hymphatic Thabz, T.O.P, Golden Shovel and Tumi (from the Volume) amongst others, leaked on YouTube just over two months ago. Since then, the event’s YouTube channel has released what has to be one of the most epic documented local rap battle of recent times between Tumi and the neurotic Cape Town emcee One L.

The first thing that came to mind when it was revealed that Tumi – an internationally acclaimed recording emcee and Motif Records label owner with everything to lose – would be going up against a dude who is basically a match stick next to the sun (relatively speaking), was “What is Tumi thinking?” It’s well known that Fatboy is nice on wax but many had never even seen him battle before this so whether he flopped or dominated, the event would inevitably be a feat worth witnessing.

This is the general 411: two emcees have a grudge against each other, Scrambles For Money provides the platform as well as the cash money generated from a measly entrance fee to watch the battle live as a reward for the winner. The contestants get three rounds to rage and the panel of three judges vote for the victor once all is said.

We have our opinions on the battle but we’re more interested in yours. So we poached the video for your viewing pleasure and want ya’ll to let us know if this battle lived up to its expectation and whether the final decision was a fair one or not. Here goes:

The league has released a schedule of the battles that will be taking place over the next couple of months as well as some of the battle match-ups and we must say, it’s looking like the apocalypse might come earlier than what the Mayans predicted. Make sure you follow the Scrambles For Money Twitter account (@Scambles4Money) for all the latest updates.

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