Reach of hip hop

Digby Ioane, Danny Cipriani, Renee Ranger, Bryan Habana and Augustine Pulu all can Dougie. If you don’t recognise these names you don’t watch SuperRugby. Sports men at the top of their powers; built strong, fast and all from different countries. The only common thread these rugby players share is that they can Dougie. Hip hop has managed to reach the battle grounds of Rugby, men built like tanks dancing to its tune! If you thought you knew, then you had no idea…

Major brands are trying to align with this street phenomenon. Energy drinks aren’t just electrolytes or Taurine anymore but major sponsors in the race to be mentioned next to any hip hop event. Sprite’s niche-market has become the battlefield of international brands.

The effects of hip hop on mainstream pop culture are huge; Lil Wayne has become a household name. Baggy pants are the biggest indicator of this tiptonic shift to global acceptance of hiphop culture into fashion couture. Rap is present in all languages; you know you’re big when Chinese people embrace you! Hip hop is experiencing its biggest boom since the years of Tupac and Biggie. Some say it’s become bubblegum music but it’s still a peel from the same orange.

Love it or hate it, the influence of hip hop is massive. As a head I can’t wait for the next step we make as hip hop.


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