Everybody can rap?

The sound of our voices and thoughts has been the hallmark of the technology/Y generation. Voicenotes, Tommy 2 Gatz and creativity without a cause is the result of social networking lives – Now everybody thinks they can rap and make a buck from hip hop. You even got Serena Williams messing around with the mic and not the racket. Expression exploitation… is that possible?

Music is at our finger tips, creation is at our neighbours garage studio. With Lil Wayne, Kanye and Jay Z being household names leading the international hip hop wave sweeping through. This has started to create a huge influx of artists to the market. Mixtapes left, right and centre; new rappers, iPhone producers, Tom Dick & Mary songstresses.

Now here’s my problem… We all can’t be talented; sad but it’s true.

We have artists, managers and consumers. Since everybody can rap or create music we don’t have roles we play anymore. Messing up the system, killing the food chain and the lion is being chowed by ants ‘cause they ganging up on him *ranting*. Freedom of expression has become so easy and tailored to reach the masses. So much so that Facebook friends throwing free ‘likes’ have been responsible for a few wack mixtapes. Twitter followers followed wackness until it jumped into the fires of no talent.

We’re seeing so many rappers, flashes in the pan, jiggy music, good rappers and real wordsmiths. The sheer numbers are suffocating the industry because consumers are spread thin across wackness and genius music.

Expression platforms exist and I got nothing against them, but I do have a problem with platforms accelerating money before quality. If an opportunity presents itself remember that it’s not always exposed for your exploitation. For example, you have a production friend… that does not mean you can rap but means you may want to tell your other rapper friend to meet your other mate. Hope you read this and listen to this; it’ll save your ears from telling a friend that music isn’t for them.


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