TTP Presents Hip Hop Sessions vol 2!

HYPE hollered at TTP on his successful mixtape series. Go get your copy today and support local!

Are the songs recorded especially for the compilation?

On Volume 2 only the intro by Pro and outro by Kabomo are specially recorded for the compilation. The rest are exclusive tracks or tracks that will grace the artist’s albums.

What were the challenges in creating the Compilation? How cooperative were the artists?

The challenge is getting the right bunch of tracks together that will flow and support their idea behind the compilation. The quality of music was high and that why it took me two years to finish it. The artists where very cooperative and really are marketing the CD like it’s theirs. We are family with a common goal to succeed as individuals and together.

How are royalties being paid?

The artists handle their own publishing and just license the tracks to me.

You have received over 500 songs. Did you have a call out for artists to submit – and how can other artists submit songs for your next Compilation?

Well I was trying to give all artists the opportunity to make the second one so I made a call out on Facebook, radio and Twitter. They can follow me on Twitter and send me their links @thapelottp or email me or BBM :pin:271124D0

What is your take on the mixtape culture in SA?

I feel artists don’t use mixtapes for the right reasons. A mixtape should push artists to the limit as it’s an experimental project to try something you wouldn’t do on an album. I feel it can be much better if artists put more time into marketing their mixtape. But the SA Mixtape culture is slowly growing to a profitable business to get artists noticed.


1.Pro – Intro (what you gonna do)-
2.Siya Shezi- Bojwala
3.Mhlathi- Pho Kunani
4.Clu ft Sgebi- Chasing my High
5.Dj Switch ft Hydro, Drew, Kwesta – KOT (Kings of Tomorrow)
6.Chocolate Soul- Insane on that 808
7.4Front- We Nice.
8.Blaqphamas – Conjure
9.Flipside- Can I take u out
10.5th Floor ft Mxo- Good life-
11.Mr Mech – I’m stuck
12.LoreLaBatho – Boswa…
13.Zubz- Dragonlion-
14.Audiophiles – The Greatest Gift
15.Mashayabhuqe KaMamba- You’re my friend/ you’re my enemy
16.Optical Ill- Watch what they say
17.Lwazi ft Rorisang – Theatre of the Mind
18. Reason ft Promiseland – We Rise
19. Devious D – Price to Pay
20. Kabomo- Outro (rise up and hustle up)
21. Social Commentary Forum- Be Happy

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