Shugasmakx on performing after Tight Eyez at Masters of Rhythm!

The biggest annual dance event in SA, Masters of Rhythm: Tight Eyez Edition, went down this past weekend. Although more low key than last year, it didn’t dampen the crowd’s spirit or stop them from going completely buck! HYPE caught up with Shugasmakx to talk about his performance, particularly on his feelings of performing after the main attraction of the day, Mr Tight Eyez himself.

I never knew this guy, but clearly they loved him that’s what I know. When he got on stage people were running all over the stage, I don’t know what the hell was that. All I know is that I had to perform after Tight Eyez [laughs]. I’m like ‘these guys nearly broke down the stage [laughs] and now you want me to go on there after the god of dance?’

I’m sure you had to dig into your bag of tricks?

“It was hard to decipher what just happened. Everything is about timing. It’s the same reason why, even though people might love you, you don’t wanna perform after a soccer game. People have seen the main show. It’s like going to a John Legend concert and you’re the act after him.”

But in Nigeria international acts often open for local ones…

If there’s a concert, a general one, and within that concert there’s a mix of local and international acts then it’s cool – but if it’s like a JOHN LEGEND concert, you can’t be going after that guy. This was Masters of Rhythm, Tight Eyez edition. And here I am and I must go after Tight Eyez? It wasn’t Masters of Rhythm, Shugasmakx and Tight Eyez [laughs]. All I know is that it went down good. The crowd was proper and it was all good at the end.

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